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Photography review of 2015

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Awesome autumn in the Lake District

Another year has gone by, 2015 has been and gone and we’re heading into 2016. I thought it useful to have a scan through the photographs I have taken this year, to pass a critical eye over them. I find it useful to do this once in a while as reviewing one’s own work is necessary to improve quality.

For the most part 2015 was a good year. A mixed start to the year lead into one of the finest autumns I have witnessed in the Lake District: dry, clear still days left the trees ablaze with colour. Unforgettable!

It was not to last though as Storm Desmond hit Cumbria and announced the start of winter. But lets not dwell on that here.

The very mixed summer did allow me to do plenty of wild camping in the fells. Sadly a lot of my excursions were not very productive as far as photography goes. I love camping so wasn’t downhearted though.

In September the weather settled down and so started three months of calm, clear weather. Simply unforgettable! The result was scores of photos being added to my collection. All in all, I haven’t taken so many photographs in a single year before!

And so onto selecting my five favourites: not an easy task at all. I could have easily picked five autumn photos but that would have meant missing out on other unforgettable walks. After some deliberation only two made the list which, in chronological order, is as follows:

Misty fells of Wasdale

Back in spring I witnessed one of the best cloud inversions I had ever seen in the Lake District. Climbing Great Gable from Borrowdale in mist didn’t promise much. But by the time I got to the summit of Great Gable I was above the cloud on a very clear and still day. The views were extensive and very impressive.

This monochrome image of Seatallan from the summit of Great Gable was one of my favourite photos from the day.

Green Gable view over Ennerdale and Buttermere

The climb up Great Gable and Green Gable was so good it has actually produced two of my favourite photos from the last year, this one being the second. Green Gable might be overshadowed by its loftier twin but as a vantage point it is at least a match. The view over the High Stile ridge separating Ennerdale from the Buttermere Valley is about as good as the Lake District gets.

Sprinkling Tarn view of Glaramara

The view of Glaramara from Sprinkling Tarn on Seathwaite Fell shows the ridge’s best side in my opinion. And it was while wild camping at the tarn that I managed to take this large panoramic photo of Glaramara.

The sun shone only briefly so I had to act quickly. Stitching the individual images together to produce this one photo involved quite a lot of work but it was worth it. I love the light on this scene and wasn’t too upset that the following dawn was dull as ditch water!

Morning mist over the River Brathay

I have many photos of the copse of trees next to the River Brathay in Great Langdale but none better than this to date.

This dawn visit to Elter Water in Autumn proved to be very productive although at one stage it seemed as if the thick mist was not going to burn away at all. However as the sun rose higher visibility improved as the mist dissipated. I was stood on the banks of the River Brathay when it did start to clear and took this photo.

Road to Glenridding and Stybarrow Crag

And finally, possibly my favourite photo from the year.

I have driven along the road on the western shore of Ullswater linking Pooley Bridge to Glenridding many, many times. I thought there was a good photo to be had where the road passes under Stybarrow Crag but had never had chance to try.

One bright, still autumn day I headed there at dawn and set up my tripod on the deserted road. Listening out for traffic coming up behind me I managed a few photos, this one being my favourite. I was very happy with the combination of soft light, amazing autumn colours and composition.

And so that was 2015 – a fine year. I think expecting to get as many photographs published in 2016 is probably asking a bit too much. But I will try.

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